In DNA, we continue to strengthen the foundation of kids with A-STEM learning, with designated classroom areas that encourage the curiosity, exploration, and discovery.

As children grow with time, the activities become more engaging and interactive, that offers five distinct learning areas for exploration and discovery:

  • Art & craft
  • Science experiments
  • Technology and Robotics
  • Engineering and Mechanics
  • Mathematics and Reasoning

These early learners benefit from A-STEM-focused enhancements in their classroom, such as:

  • Engineering station with a variety of blocks, gears, puzzles, and magnetic connectors
  • Technology and robotics material integrated throughout the room to support 21st century learning skills
  • Hands-on Science station with sensory tubes, light table, color mixing lenses, water works.
  • The Arts: Language arts (reading, writing, literacy), visual arts (painting, sculpture, etc.), dramatic and musical arts (costumes, instruments, etc.) are featured.
  • Math: Tangible, engaging math experiences are supported by a variety of resources including tree blocks, stone counting pieces, balance scales, and measuring tools.

Children also learn to work with others, develop self-help skills, and follow directions and routines. Visual “Children’s Tools” enable them to take charge of actions and behaviors, gain independence, and to be successful, confident, and empowered. Engineering: Robotics materials, as well as a variety of small table-top blocks and large, floor-use blocks encourage children to design, test, and build their own constructions.

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