DNA Educare Legacy:


The DNA Junior Pre-school is manifestation of the vision and passion of Ms. Sagarika Behera and Er.Sumit Ranjan Sahoo who felt a strong need to build an environment for kids aged 1 to 6 where they aim to combine pedagogical strengths and the modern teaching equipment to support and develop quality education establishment in pre-primary wing across India and abroad.


DNA Philosophy:

DNA Junior believes that a good education system can provide wings to children to fly high and fulfill their dreams, ensuring a brighter future. We understand the individuality and the uniqueness of each child and hence provide child-centric education, so keeping this in mind school offers learning that is interactive, engaging and activity based.

The teaching methodology is a diverse mixture of recent advanced technologies as well as innovative methods of imparting value-based education.

DNA JUNIOR follows the comprehensive continuous evaluation which covers all aspects of a child’s development.

DNA Educators:

DNA Educators are facilitators who recognizes and acknowledges every individual needs and uniqueness and motivates them towards higher order thinking skills.

An ideal teacher – student ratio allows the teacher to develop the qualities of being honest and true to younger children, empowering to take responsibility and grow into happy and conscientious adult.

Classrooms teachings are not limited to chalk and books only anymore. Animated, audio-visual, A-STEM practice and interactive is the need of the day.


DNA Differentiators:

At DNA JUNIOR the teaching learning process is designed to ensure that the focus is not just on what they learn but also on how they learn. With the belief and conviction that experiential learning results in creating lifelong learners, the methodology and best practices at school includes specially designed and well acclaimed programs such as the following:

Choice time activities: Children are free to move to different activities corner and choose the activity as per their choice. They could choose to play with blocks, dough, story books etc to fulfill their curiosity in the discovery room.

Wonder time: It is a single period in a day wherein the home teacher uses this time to bond and connect t her students. This is a platform for problem solving arise in the class group. It is a great time to work towards instilling the core values of the school.

Jig saw learning: it is a cooperative learning strategy that helps children to create their own learning. A strategy to optimize learning, it enables children to learn as per their individual learning styles and pace. A very effective teaching-learning tool, which builds concrete foundation learning.

DNA Meaning:

Keeping the double helix structure of DNA model in mind, we have designed the foundation of curriculum. Wherein the parents and school plays a pivotal joint for shaping the child’s future.

The protein bonds of DNA are the learning chains as LCPS in school curriculum such as L stands for Language development, C stands for Cognitive development, P stands for physical development and S stands for socio-emotional behavior development.

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