Fully supervised and monitored by mentors for an improved developmental outcome for their children. The school environment is comfortable, safe and hygienic while also stimulating and motivating children for mental and physical development.

  • Activity based daycare/day boarding
  • Good habit development
  • Progressive and interactive sessions

We offer a flexible daycare for your baby, toddler or children aged till 12 years that suits your schedule.

Nutrition and Mealtimes: We provide children with a variety of healthy and balanced diet/ foods, and cater for children with food allergies and intolerances in eating habits.

We use local and seasonal produce and avoid using processed foods, preservatives and additives.

Mealtimes are important opportunities for learning and building connection with teachers and we encourage children to be the part of the process of serving meals. Staff will sit and eat with the children as well, creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere during meal times that help to promote positive attitudes towards food.

We encourage children to drink plenty of water and we offer healthy snacks between meals.

We provide useful tips to families with fussy eaters. It also provides strategies for minimizing the stress that can be associated with mealtimes, no junk foods, gluten and dairy free recipes.

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